Two Crushing Link Building Techniques

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Link building is the backbone of any SEO campaign, and if you’re a Santa Barbara website, but you’ve got no links, you’ve got no Google presence – it’s that simple.

So do on-site search engine optimization ’till the cows come home, but you’ve still got to find a way to hustle those links, partner.

Grab your saddle and check your boots – we’re going to the rodeo:

1.) Create good content

Yeah yeah, every white hat seo in the world has been telling you this since le Goog rolled out Panda in early 2011, and Penguin 2.0 early 2013. Frankly, it’s BORING and it’s led to copious amounts of useless and redundant content.

Let me tell you something. I HATE wasting my time on the internet. Most people do. So, to rank with content, you’ve got to produce something that really shines. Not like “shines a little,” but legitimate, I’m a professional and I’m serious about this shine. Shine shine shine.

Want some good examples? Take a look at Unbounce’s blog, or Backlinko’s comprehensive list of Google’s ranking factors for SEO. That’s some useful content right there, partner.

2.) Publish that content.

Got an industry connection? Alchemy (the parent company of Santa Barbara Web Design & Marketing) has maintained Santa Barbara industry contacts for years. They can help you with a great PR campaign. But if you’re bootstrapped and got some writing chops, feel free to shoot a press release – they’re pretty good about getting back and report on all things Santa Barbara, Goleta, and Santa Maria.

Also, don’t forget to hustle your web connections. Sign up for communities on LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, and of course Facebook. Let the world know about your content. You can even send out a Press Release through a wire feed like PRNewswire, but our experience of that getting picked up has been poor. You’re much better off flexing your personal and industry connections.

If you’ve got really good content, like, 3rd person objective “Hey, this is really interesting stuff” good, then you can pay for exposure on sites like StumbleUpon and others.

Why Do This?

Our clients have gotten far more SEO page rank from a good press release than months of writing mediocre content. The reasons for that are multiple, but can be summarized thusly:

News agencies only publish good content.

Good links for good sources increase your reach engine optimization.

Good “contextual” links help associate your website with an entity. Google uses entities to rank sites categorically.

Good publicity increases hits on your site and that is a positive ranking factor.


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