Ten reasons your press releases (and social media) need images

News Release for Santa Barbara Businesses

Press Releases are part of a good Santa Barbara Marketing strategy. Yep, your Santa Barbara business needs press. And studies show that people tend to scan-read on a digital screen rather than just pour over every word like we do when holding a book.

Here are 10 reasons your Santa Barbara Business should be using good images in their Press Releases:

  • Articles with images get 94% more views. This right here should be enough of a reason for you to include images on your blog—every blogger loves traffic. Especially a 94% increase.
  • Images can provide additional sources of traffic. If properly tagged and optimized, images can bring additional visitors to your site that would likely not being visiting otherwise.
  • Images drive more blog comments and engagement. If you have images that are not only relevant to what you writing about, but trigger some kind of emotion within the reader, not only are they going to be more engaged with the blog post, but they are subsequently more likely to comment.
  • An image can help make your blog post look better. It makes the blog post easier to read, more aesthetically pleasing, and provides an overall better experience for the reader. Again, something that every writer should want to do.
  • Images can help to develop your brand, make you more humanized, and act as another outlet for your sense of humor.
  • In addition to providing an additional source of traffic, if you use the alt tag to your advantage, an image can also act as an additional layer of SEO.
  • Besides acting as an additional layer of SEO, properly using alt tags will provide further accessibility to handicapped users.
  • Good featured images can help your content to go viral on social networks. Just think of how many times you clicked on an image on your news feed because of an eye-catching image.
  • Images can help to show your Internet savviness and knowledge of popular internet culture. Making a point in your blog post? Are there any memes that have recently gone viral? Use them to help support your point.
  • An image can help explain something technical or data heavy by using charts, graphs or diagrams, or it can help make a “How To” post a lot more easier to understand by using screenshots.

By now, we hope you are seeing the importance of images in your content. Yes, it may be additional work to find relevant images that are legal to use (such as royalty free images), but when you do, not only are you making your blog an overall better place to be, but you are doing yourself a favor when it comes to traffic, engagement, and brand perception.


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