Santa Barbara Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO is Important.

Small businesses looking to differentiate themselves should consider local search engine optimization. If you haven’t heard of it before, don’t worry – you’ve seen it before. It looks something like this:

Local Santa Barbara SEO

Santa Barbara Local SEO search results Alchemy

This search was made looking for “Santa Barbara PR Firms.” Local search engine optimization refers to ranking well in these local places. To rank for these results, your business will need a G+ business page (and get some reviews!), something we make and register for all our clients.

Local SEO comes down to a variety of factors, but here’s a quick list:

  • Are your citations correct and diverse?
  • Is your business categorized correctly?
  • Have you utilized schema markup?
  • How geo-centric are you to the key search location term?

We walk our clients through each of these SEO items, explain how and why they’re important, and we build the technical aspects of these search engine optimization techniques into every website that we build.

A Sample Backlink Report will show you how many websites are linking to you. The number, quality, and category of websites linking to yours are key factors in search engine optimization.

We here at Santa Barbara Web Design and Marketing generate reports like this using modern SEO tools from, Ahrefs, and Swydo.

Before beginning a Santa Barbara search engine optimization campaign, we consult with clients to determine which keyword phrases we’ll be tracking. Reports are custom made for each search engine optimization client.

Sample SEO Backlink Report

Santa Barbara SEO sample Link Report

Search Engine Optimization Report - Tacking Rankings Over Time

Santa Barbara Moz SEO Report

Mostly search engine optimization reports help you monitor your rankings and is a great way to ensure that you rank at the top of Santa Barbara searches.

Santa Barbara search engine optimization clients will  regular reports on how their keyword phrases perform over time. In this way, you can stay on top of how your business is ranking over time and compare and contrast how your site is performing compared with your closest competitors.

Local Search Engine Optimization Citation Spreadsheet

Your Santa Barbara business needs to rank well in local search engines, and to do so, you’ll need to get your citations correct and on as many referring domains as possible.

We start building you a strong local search engine presence by  creating your citation (Name, Address, and Phone) and working it into every page of your website (typically in the footer). Then we go about adding it to referring websites, like the ones in the attached spreadsheet. Feel free to click the image to make a copy of the Google Doc Local Citation Spreadsheet and start helping your website rank!

Search Engine Optimization Citations for Local SEO

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