How Can I Host a WordPress Blog on a Joomla site?

Here’s an interesting SEO question we’ve recently been asked to tackle, and it turns out that this problem has an excellent creative solution.

First, the SEO problem:

You have, say, an eCommerce site that is Joomla (or Ruby on Rails, iWeb, take your pick) based. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, you know and love WordPress and would like to somehow use WordPress to blog, but keep your eCommerce site.

This can be done using a Reverse Proxy.

Reverse Proxy lets you put an entirely different CMS on the same domain of your site.  This is great because your other option is to add the site as a subdomain, but subdomains pass very little link authority on to their parent sites. Subdomains look like this:

[box type=”info”][/box]

The SEO fix:

Sub-directories do pass pagerank, however, and a reverse proxy can “pull” your WordPress blog site utilizing this method.  Thus, instead of, you now will have with wordpress being hosted AND whatever platform on whatever server you choose.

Cool, right?

Here’s an awesome inforgraphic on ths subject:


Reverse Proxy Infographic

Courtesy of

Do any of you have any other creative solutions for this problem you’d like to share?

Hudson Hornick


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